-- Project Page -- 


-- What is this? --

A simple ARM tool chain, built from source (scratch).

-- Background --

Unlike other tool chains - it does not come 'pre-packaged' - but
instead, it comes with "some assembly required". As part of the
process, you build the tool chain from source.

If that bothers you, perhaps you like other systems for the exact
reason I find them a p.i.t.a. to use, you probably should not use this
toolchain. Or maybe you should purchase a tool chain with offers some
level of $support$.

Think of LostARM as a cross between:

   "CrossTool" - very cross-compile-linux-centric
   "YAGARTO" - something that comes pre-packaged.
   "gnuarm" - another pre-packaged solution
    And others.

Why does it exist? Why did I create it?

(0) Well, something got lost in translation - by all those guys trying
    to supply a solution.  Hence the name, "LostArm".

(1) I need a 100% self-contained solution, that does not interfere
    with other tools and other versions of some tool.

(2) Pre-built tool kits have this idea that they are are
    installed. And you should never need to switch back and forth at
    will - between the new and old version because they said so.

(3) I can never 'tweak' the installed options on the pre-built libs,
    or fix some broken brain dead thing in the pre-built libs so that
    I can make things work they way they should.


If you have all the tar.gz/bz files present - (gcc, gdb, etc) 100%
from scratch build takes about 45 minutes.

A cygwin build - sadly can take overnight :-( it is so slow.....

-Duane - 2008-03-01